Medical Equipment

At Volunteer Case & Container, we have been at the forefront of manufacturing medical device cases, custom protective packaging, wood crates, ATA flight cases, foam, and injection molded cases to meet our diverse customer needs for nearly four decades. Our products adhere to both ASTM and ISPM-15 quality standards and our team provides a wide selection of protective packaging with foam interiors to protect your more expensive and delicate components.

The medical sector relies on specialized custom packaging to protect sensitive devices from vibration, moisture, and potential damage during storage and transportation.For over 30 years, Volunteer Case & Container has designed and manufactured an extensive line of durable packaging solutions in all sizes to meet even the most challenging of medical equipment protection needs.

Our custom cases, crates, and protective foams are applicable for sterilization equipment, cyclotrons, and an array of medical instruments. Whether you need lightweight plastic packaging, waterproof cases, heavy-duty wooden crates, or other customized products, it’s our mission to ensure your medical equipment remains protected and secured.

We also offer on-site crating services at your facility, advisable for equipment that exceeds 8’ x 8’ footprint. We can securely seal the electronics using military-grade barrier bags and desiccant to protect it from exposure to moisture or water damage while in transit.

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