At Volunteer Case & Container, we have been at the forefront of manufacturing custom protective packaging, wood crates, ATA flight cases, foam, and injection molded cases to meet our diverse customer needs for nearly four decades. Our products adhere to both ASTM and ISPM-15 quality standards and our team provides a wide selection of protective packaging with foam interiors to protect more expensive and delicate components.

Sensing, imaging, and monitoring equipment cases with adequate protection can significantly extend a product’s lifespan and keep it safe from adverse weather, direct impacts, or consistent jostling during transit. We provide custom packaging solutions, including lightweight, waterproof, and vibration-resistant designs, to meet your specific needs.

Sensing, imaging, and monitoring equipment manufacturers require a packaging provider that can meet their production schedule while maintaining consistent precision and quality. Our experience designing packaging solutions for various products ranging from small injection-molded cases to 70,000-pound machines ensures we are well equipped to meet our customers’ needs with accuracy and consistency.

We also offer on-site crating services at your facility, advisable for equipment or containers that exceed an 8’ x 8’ footprint. We can securely seal sensitive equipment using military-grade barrier bags and desiccant to protect it from exposure to moisture or water damage while in transit.

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