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Nuclear and Hazardous Waste


Nuclear And Hazardous Waste

At Volunteer Case & Container, we have been at the forefront of manufacturing custom protective packaging, wood crates, ATA flight cases, foam, and injection molded cases to meet our diverse customer needs for nearly four decades. Our products adhere to both ASTM and ISPM-15 quality standards and our team provides a wide selection of protective packaging with foam interiors to protect more expensive and delicate components.

Nuclear and hazardous waste material requires an unwavering commitment to rigorous sensitivity and protection standards, along with consistent, excellent precision and quality. 30+ years of experience in this industry have prepared us to continue to safely meet our customers’ needs on-time and on-budget.

Whether you need small injection-molded cases for transport between facilities to large-scale crates carrying over 70,000 pounds across the country, we are excited to partner with you to meet your packaging and transportation needs.

We also offer on-site crating services at your facility, advisable for equipment or containers that exceed an 8’ x 8’ footprint. We can securely seal sensitive equipment using military-grade barrier bags and desiccant to protect it from exposure to moisture or water damage while in transit.

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We offer a comprehensive line of strong, reliable crates and cases for all types of nuclear and hazardous waste equipment needs, including:

Wood Crates

Wood Crates

All of our crates are stamped and certified for international export. Whether you need a single small crate delivered to you or dozens of oversized crates built onsite at your facility, we can handle the job. For large or heavy machinery, we recommend our ISPM-15 certified wood crates. Our crates are fully customizable and can include foam, shelves, shock absorbers, ramps, latches, and more. We have experience building both commercial and military crates for equipment weighing 70,000+ lbs. Learn more here.

ATA / Road Cases

ATA / Road Cases

ATA / Road cases are best for highly sensitive objects that are light enough for one or two people to lift and move around. Our ATA cases can be either wood or plastic siding and all have durable metal edging. All ATA cases come with custom foam interiors and can have any number of wheels, handles, partitions, straps, latches, and more. Our cases are split or pop riveted together to ensure maximum strength and durability. Learn more here.

PE & Wood Containers

PE & Wood Containers

For customers focused on weight or cost, our PE or wood containers may be the best solution. Our PE containers are made with a strong, but lightweight, plastic siding and no metal edges. Our wood containers are made with wood sides and metal edges, but are heavier than the PE version. Both options are lighter and often less expensive than our ATA cases. Learn more here.

Trunk Cases

Trunk Cases

Trunk cases are perfect for equipment regularly transported by box truck. Our trunk cases come in three sizes: Small - 22.5” x 30” x 30”, Medium - 22.5” x 45” x 30”, & Large 30” x 45” x 30”. These exterior dimensions allow them all to fit neatly in a box truck for maximum capacity. All trunk cases include handles, latches, four swivel castors, and castor cups on top to allow for secure stacking. As needed, labels, dividers, and foam can be added as well. Learn more here.

Injection Molded Cases

Injection Molded Cases

We are a certified distributor for Pelican cases, SKB cases, and Nanuk cases, meaning we offer their cases for less than anyone else. Whether you require a hard case, carrying case, rolling case, or long case, all of our injection molded cases are watertight, comply with military specs, and are built to withstand the harshest environments. Customizable foam inserts and cutouts are available to provide further protection. Whether you need a case to hold one object or many, we can design a case for you. Learn more here.

Waterjet & CNC Cut Foam

Waterjet & CNC Cut Foam

We offer a wide range of custom foam inserts and custom foam cutouts of varying types, densities, and colors to best fit your needs. Customizable foam insert types include PE, PU, Crosslink, Zote, and more. All are available in colors other than the standard black / charcoal and can be further specialized based on use, such as being anti-static. All custom foam inserts and cutouts can be waterjet or CNC cut to perfectly fit your product. Learn more here.


Some of the benefits that make our crates and cases stand out amongst our competitors, include:

Consistent two-week turnaround times

International shipping stamps for overseas delivery

Flexible delivery dates and options for short-term storage

On-site construction for both ongoing or one-time projects

Free end-to-end design partnership to ensure a quality product

Free delivery of product prototypes and samples for local clients

Best-practice design standards ensuring durability, usability, and affordability

30+ years of experience serving a variety of nuclear and hazardous waste customers


Working with our skilled and experienced team at Volunteer Case & Container has numerous benefits. Our company specializes in custom, non-standard packaging solutions to fulfill protection, transportation, shipment, and storage needs at any scale. From hand-held carrying cases to cargo-sized crates, our products incorporate best-practice design standards for high quality at low costs.

Our end-to-end services include design, prototyping, and manufacturing with numerous options for customization. With no design fees, we are committed to finding the best fit for your needs before finalizing designs – and for local companies, we can also deliver samples beforehand.


Whether you need one wood crate or hundreds of ATA cases, we’d love the chance to earn your business. All of our designs and quotes are done for free without any purchase required. We are able to work off dimensions/CAD files that you provide to us or we can visit your facility to take measurements of the equipment.

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